Whistle Blowing Policy

The Whistle Blowing Policy is intended to help employees who have major concerns over any wrongdoing within the Group relating to unlawful conduct, misconduct of behaviour and unethical business practices. The Company strongly encourage employee to raise the concern even when it is just a concern before concrete proof is evidenced.

Confidentiality and Safeguards for the Employee

The company is committed to maintain confidentiality and safeguard the interest of the reporting of concern. Employees who raise the concern can be assured that they will not be at risk of losing job or suffering any form of retribution and harassment, provided that the disclosure is made in good faith, the information is believed to be substantially true, and that the employee is not acting for personal gain.

As the report is treated on an anonymous basis, the Company encourages the employee to reveal the identity in the report in order for the Designated Officers to investigate the matter, protect the employee’s position as well as to provide feedback to the employee.

Reporting of Concerns

Mr David Lim, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr Eng Meng Leong, Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee are the designated officers responsible for receiving, recording and retaining all concerns. They shall treat all disclosures confidentially and shall notify only those individuals who need to be involved in order to carry out investigations on the concern.

They shall determine the seriousness of the matter and decide if the issue should be investigated using internal and/or external resources, such as an external auditor.

The relevant employee shall be informed of the final outcome of any investigation, subject to any legal constraints.

If the employee is unsure whether to practice this whistle blowing policy or to obtain an independent advice at any stage, the employee may contact the following personnel:

  1. A director who is independent of the management
  2. The internal auditor, KPMG
  3. The external auditor, Ernst & Young

To Make a Report

To make a report, please send via email to reporting@croesusretailtrust.com. Your report will be sent directly to the Designated Officers. Please use the following format:

  1. The background and history of the concern (giving relevant details)
  2. The reason why the employee is particularly concerned about the situation

For more details, please refer to CRT’s full whistle blowing policy.

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