Croesus Retail Trust celebrates Grand Renewal at Mallage Shobu

On 28 March 2015, Mallage Shobu held its Grand Renewal Opening Ceremony to celebrate the tenant renewal and asset enhancement exercise at the mall. The ceremony was part of "Ultra 7weeks", a seven-week long line-up of events to mark this milestone for Mallage Shobu, from 20 February 2015 to 5 April 2015. With popular manga character Ultraman being the central theme of celebrations, shoppers at Mallage Shobu were treated to a variety of activities and promotions during this period.

By the end of the renewal exercise (expected to fully complete by Autumn 2015), Mallage Shobu will have 69 and 28 new and refreshed shop transfers, respectively, as well as 58 tenant renewals with improvements to the store façades. View this video to catch a glimpse of the Grand Renewal Opening Ceremony and find out more about the new and refreshed outlets at Mallage Shobu.

Putting trust in Business: Croesus’ Jeremy Yong – 25 November 2013

In an interview with The Business Times, Jeremy Yong, Group Managing Director and Co-founder of Croesus Merchants International – Sponsor of Croesus Retail Trust – discusses why Croesus Retail Trust holds properties in Japan but is listed in Singapore, and the various benefits of selecting a business trust structure. Jeremy highlights the business trust structure was the most appropriate vehicle for CRT’s long-term objectives, and pointed out that its structure affords greater flexibility.